Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

So you are finally thinking of renovating your bathroom and you need some help with the interior designing. Instead of buying ready made furnishing, a great suggestion is to design your own bathroom furnishings like bathroom cabinets.

This is because when you design your own furnishing, you are assured your living space reflects your personality and can even work out to be a cheaper alternative.

Any bathroom requires wooden bathroom cabinets as they are not only useful, but also gives a classy look to the bathroom. If you have your own bathroom cabinet ideas and some basic woodworking knowledge, it is very easy to design your own cabinets with the following tips.

First of all, you have to design plans keeping the bathroom space, your necessities, aesthetics and of course, budget in mind. You can get ideas and inspiration through lifestyle magazines and sites related to bathroom decor and furnishing. Take a photocopy of designs you like and then combine the best features of all the designs to create a new and unique plan or design.

Next, you have to list out all your requirements in the bathroom like the number of drawers the cabinet should have, mirrors, the type of knobs you want, locks and other specific requirements. You thus have a checklist ready for you for reference while designing your cabinet plan.

Now you know what you require in your bathroom cabinet, you have to start taking measurements and decide where you plan to install the cabinet. Using a tape measure, find the dimensions of the available space for the cabinet and decide if you want a huge cabinet that covers the entire wall space or something compact.
Now you have to make a rough sketch of the design taking shape in your mind. Redraft this sketch till you are happy with the form and features of a winning cabinet.

With the help of CAD software programs that are easily available online, you can create a 3D design of your rough sketch. Detail the drawing by rendering colors and other detailed features. Not only can you consider this the final blueprint for your project, the 3D rendering gives you a better idea of the feasibility of the cabinet.
Next, you have to choose the right wood for your bathroom cabinet. As it is a bathroom cabinet you are making, you have to choose wood like oak that is resistant to moisture once it is polished and painted.
Once you choose your wood, you have to buy the necessary materials and supplies required to start making your plan into a reality. Of course, if you are not a skilled woodworker, it’s better you to hand over the task of building the bathroom cabinets to a professional woodworking contractor who will be able to make your dream cabinet a reality.

The benefit of using your own bathroom cabinet ideas while renovating your bathroom is that it leaves you with no room for later fretting about forgetting something in the cabinet. In other words, with your own ideas, you finally get what you exactly want in a bathroom cabinet.

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